The Beacon Centre is rapidly developing its technology offer and its highly integrated use of ICT within all aspects of learning. To that end the children at Beacon Primary have been using a variety of platforms to help with both English and Maths skills.

The girls using the Chrome Books to access Bug Club.

Today in Class 1 Mrs Simpson was making good use of Bug Club (a link can be found in the Remote Learning Links section of the website – see below) to help Lacey and Millie improve their reading and comprehension.

Bug club is a platform that allows the children to be assigned texts that are appropriate for their individual reading level with tasks attached that aim to help make reading fun.

Sometimes the children need some additional personalised tasks to complete before they can engage with their more independent online learning. Here Mr Hall is working with Matthew on his phonics sounds, whilst Mrs Roberts worked with Malaki on their language skills.

Meanwhile in Class 2, Mr Popple was using some more of the schools Google Chrome Books to allow the children to access Times Tables Rockstars (a link can be found in the Remote Learning Links section of the website – see below).

TT Rockstars allows children to practise their timetables, complete challenges to each coins to purchase items to personalise their profile. Children are able to challenge each other to see who can achieve the highest scores for a given timestable.

In Class 3, some more fantastic maths was taking place today with Jack looking at his “Number of the Day” today that number was 312! This process helps to build Jack’s confidence so he can better engage with Timetables Rockstars and other online Maths learning platforms. Well done Jack!