At Beacon primary our intention is that our children return to mainstream education, or are placed in a suitable educational provision, when the time is right. 

At Beacon Primary we have a bespoke curriculum, underpinned by academic research (e.g. EEF), that promotes positive attitudes to learning for all pupils. We educate the whole child with a focus on SEMH. It is a topic led, contextual, child focused curriculum encompassing progressive skills and opportunities for outdoor learning throughout all areas of the National Curriculum. 

The curriculum at Beacon Primary:

• Has high expectations of children’s academic and behavioural outcomes.
• Is progressive
• Provides our children with the requirements of the national curriculum, delivered through a linked curriculum of pertinent topics and local links.
• Is text based.
• Is broad and balanced, filled with enrichment and experiences.
• Is continually assessed with personalised targets, to close gaps whilst moving children’s learning forward.


Throughout our curriculum we support the view that respecting the faith, beliefs and opinions of others fosters a culture of tolerance and freedom for all views to be expressed. We value and promote the principles of a democracy where each person is valued for their contribution to our community, including through a democratically elected school council.

The framework (long term plan) of the curriculum is the Primary National Curriculum 2014, we deliver this, taking a text-based approach. For core subjects of English and Maths, teachers use detailed medium term plans to produce learning opportunities that are specific to the needs of the children in their classes. Our teachers use information from a range of sources including EHCPs to personalise learning.

We have a school-wide focus on reading as it enables our children to access the wider curriculum. All of our children have reading books which match their phonics knowledge and pupils are heard reading daily. We also ensure the children have the opportunity to read for pleasure on a daily basis and there is an expectation that children read to an adult at home every night.

In Maths we develop retention and application in every session through Flashback Four. Carefully planned lessons and immediate feedback close gaps and provide opportunities for our pupil to develop mastery.

Subject specific vocabulary is taught, displayed and used in context across the curriculum to elicit and demonstrate understanding and strengthen our children’s cultural capital offer. Foundation subjects are taught discretely, but linked to text based English lessons using a thematic approach.

Lessons, whether indoors or outdoors, and class-based activities have a focus on fine and/or gross motor skills. Our curriculum is designed to increase our pupils’ cultural capital through use of quality texts, enrichment opportunities and through systematic and consistent use of subject specific vocabulary.  


Lessons are evaluated and assessed in every learning session for the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths. This rigorous assessment ensures that the core subjects that we deliver to the children are personalised and close gaps quickly, as these assessments inform teachers’ lesson planning. Our children have opportunities to access missed learning and social and emotional experiences, while allowing the opportunity for all children to progress and enjoy as they learn. 

The curriculum is stringently monitored through lesson observations, book / work scrutinies, whole school moderation, pupil voice, environment inspections and coaching opportunities.