The Beacon Centre celebrated Gratitude Week between the 17th and 21st October 2022. Students took part in different activities exploring their gratitude for themselves, others, and their lives. During tutor times they completed activities including listing their favourite things, creating gratitude pizzas, considering what they love about themselves, writing thank you notes to others and recognising how their five senses can bring them joy. At the end of each day students completed a gratitude journal reflecting on the people/things that had made them happy.

Prizes were awarded to the Most Grateful Student and the Most Grateful Tutor Group at both the primary and secondary sites. The Most Grateful Students each won a £20 Amazon voucher and the Most Grateful Tutor Groups were treated to a lunch at a venue of their choice.

The winners were:


Most Grateful Student: Mark

Most Grateful Tutor Group: Blue Group


Most Grateful Student: Leon

Most Grateful Tutor Group: Redwoods

Take a look at some of the amazing work our students produced!