At the Beacon Centre we strive to offer Young People the best possible chance of success in life. We work tirelessly to give them not only the academic skills and qualifications to succeed but also the social and interpersonal skills that are vital to making a successful transition to the world of work.

Working with a growing range of local community partners, including Kier Construction, Equinox, Port of Tyne and Nissan, we are aiming to build a revolutionary careers programme that truly prepares our young people for their future, allowing them to learn the skills that employers are actually looking for.

With that in mind you can now find our Careers Minisite via the link here or by following the shortcut on the main Beacon Centre Website.

We are also today launching our Careers Blog which you can find here, or via the Careers Minisite.

If you would like to get involved in our careers offer, by submitting a diary entry, detailing what goes on in an average day at work, please contact Mr Barnes.