We have just received the printed books containing the published work of three of our young people! A huge well done to Shane, Sam and Isaac! Each of whom have received a copy of the book and a certificate from Young Writers. If you would like to read their fantastic stories, you can do so below.

Sam – Innocent?

Nobody believed he was innocent, everyone though he did it. There was all the proof you needed. The body, the gun, the witnesses, even what’d happened in the past. Everyone knew about their big fight and he hit her straight across the face and walked out on her. He says that night never happened. Anyway, back to the present now. He was found next to her body on his hands and knees, covered in blood. The cops stormed into the room. He ran straight out the window and has been running since.

Young Writers – Case Files: Unsolved, On the Run – Page 130

Shane – The Wrong Crowd

People think the dead can’t talk, but what people don’t know is the so-called dead are alive. I’m thirty-three years old, I’ve been on the run since I was seventeen as I got involved with the wrong crowd, which ended up in a bad situation. One night the gang and I was involved with decided they were going to rob a bank. I’m now FBI’s most wanted as all my accomplices got caught at the scene. I had been a fugitive for sixteen years until the courtroom drama in which I was found not guilty, the case is left unsolved…

Young Writers – Case Files: Unsolved, On the Run – Page 131

Isaac – Mistaken Identity

His body lay on the floor in a puddle of his own blood, his body still gasping for air with a bullet in his lung. This was the third gang-related shooting this week.

He was walking through the street he walked through every day to get to his nan’s from school but he was a little bit late, he walked past a few people and noticed that he was getting followed, they started shouting at him, then they chased him, he was running for about five minutes. He turned a corner. All he heard was bang!

Young Writers – Case Files: Unsolved, On the Run – Page 132

If you are feeling inspired by these great stories, you can enter the current Young Writers Competition ” Spine-Chillers” by following this link: