Pupils in Key Stage 3 are completing a module in textiles this term as part of their STEM curriculum; pupils’ final outcome will be an apron with side straps and a pocket. 

In their first lesson pupils learned how to sew; this is an important skill that maybe needed later in life!  Pupils completed a running stitch, back stitch, blanket stitch and cross stitch; they also learned how to thread a needle which was rather tricky. Staff were incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm and resilience that the pupils demonstrated and believe that we may have some talented sewers amongst us!

This term students will be looking at the following key words: 

Aesthetics- How the product looks.

Adornment- Something that adds decoration.

Decoration- Details that are added to make something look more attractive.

Functionality- How well the product works.

Product- The result of an action or process.

Quality- How well the product has been made.

Specification- A detailed description of the design used to make something.

Stay tuned for our final products!