The Beacon Centre Secondary is an alternative education setting which offers short term placements. It is a setting that aims to support all young people in securing a successful transition onto an appropriate permanent placement that best suits the individual, be that mainstream or more specialist educational settings.

Education is at the heart of everything that we do at Beacon Secondary, as we believe that a good education gives children and young people the best possible chance of success. The curriculum offer has been carefully planned and curated to ensure its breadth and depth of delivery. Whilst offering a learning experience that is rich, filled with awe and wonder and offering positive life experiences to young people.

The Beacon Centre seeks to help young people develop all aspects of the individual including:

  • Perseverance
  • Motivation
  • Sociability
  • Attention skills
  • Self-regulation
  • Anger management
  • Self-esteem
  • The ability to defer gratification
  • Self-Determination

We believe that progression is best achieved when our young people are given access to inspirational learning environments and high quality teaching, delivered through an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. Through our broad and balanced curriculum, we aim to develop our children’s emotional and intellectual intelligence, whilst broadening their academic and experiential horizons. In this way young people leave prepared for the next stages of their education, or ready to enter the world of work.

The school has a high adult ratio. This ensures personalised learning and immediate feedback, enabling the teachers to provide scaffolding, depth and mastery throughout the lessons as required. All staff are committed to measuring impact of all that we do and consult regularly with both staff, young people and parent/carers.

Our vision is to have a curriculum which meets all statutory requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum but is personalised and based on first hand experiences.

Routes through Beacon Secondary

During their time here young people will have the opportunity to experience a different kind of educational approach. We believe that arrival here is a fresh start, where what has been done has happened and can not be changed but what is to come is up to the individual. In order for us to give young people the best possible chances of success they will enter the Centre on a rolling programme which is outlined below:

Young people arrive and enter induction to complete initial assessments.Week 1
Students join classes in lessons Key Stage 3 / 4 in order to settle in and complete baseline assessments.Weeks 2 – 4
Key Stage 3
Route 1 – @ or above ARE – Core sessions, Functional Skills and Entry Level Certificate, Unit Award Scheme.

Route 2: Below ARE – Reduced Core Sessions, Increased Vocational, Catch up sessions, Entry Level Certificate, UAS.
Weeks 5+
Key Stage 4
Route 1 – @ or above ARE – GCSE, CoPE, Functional Skills, UAS

Route 2 – Below ARE – Reduced Core Sessions, AoPE, CoPE, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificates, UAS
Weeks 5+

It is our aim that no matter how long young people stay with us, they will leave the Beacon Centre having achieved an externally recognised certificate or qualification which will help them to move on with the next steps of their education.

Core Subjects




Science Synergy

Foundation Subjects



Design Technology

Food Technology

Food Technology (Theory)

Hair and Beauty

Health and Social Care

Humanities – Key Stage 3

Humanities – Key Stage 4 – Unit 1 – Britain Migration and the People

Humanities – Key Stage 4 – Unit 2 – The Reign of Edward I, 1272-1307

Humanities – Key Stage 4 – Unit 3 – The First World War, 1894-1918

Humanities – Key Stage 4 – Unit 4 – Germany 1890-1945

Life Skills

MFL – Spanish

Outdoor Education

Physical Education

Preparation for Adulthood


If you have any queries of comments about the Curriculum at The Beacon Centre – Secondary Site – Please Contact Mr Barnes – Assistant Head – [email protected]