On 15th March 2019 our secondary staff and pupils celebrated Red Nose Day.

Cakes were made and purchased throughout the week to raise money.

On Friday, pupils were encouraged to wear something red and to make a contribution to Red Nose Day.

Ms Goodrich arranged a Danceathon in the hall. This was a fantastic opportunity to come together in a fun activity, taking into consideration our pupils’ love of music which was an excellent way to develop positive relationships between pupils and staff.



Why are positive relationships important?

‘Positive Relationships in schools are central to the wellbeing of both students and teachers and underpin an effective learning environment.’ (Roffey, S. (ed)2012 Positive Relationships:Evidence Based Practice Across the World. Springer.


‘Developing positive relationships between teachers and students has a positive, significant and long-lasting impact on the students’ lives both academically and socially.’ (E. Maison. 2017, The Importance of Positive Teacher-Student Relationships in Classrooms.)