Thursday 6th June 2019

As part of an enterprise project, students at The Beacon Centre were given the opportunity to sell items at a stall in South Shields Market. This was supported very well by other schools.

In preparation for this, students worked very hard in school to make some fantastic sellable items.

Our secondary students used their photography skills to take photos, which they then printed, mounted and put into frames. They collected rocks from local beaches and then painted them with a variety of designs to be used as paper weights.  Colourful pictures and word-art were also painted.

In addition to making all of the items, the students  wrapped them up in cellophane, produced posters, made price labels and presented everything on the stall.

Mrs Fearon and Mrs Rushworth took a group of our primary students to sell peppermint creams which they wrapped up nicely to sell. Initially the students were a little subdued in their sales pitch. However, when they were given ideas and their confidence had grown they were in full swing and there was no stopping them. There was one mint cream left and one student insisted he wanted full price for this. He was adamant he was going to get his 50p, however, a senior citizen came along and he agreed to sell her it to her for 20p.

The students had a really productive day socially and financially. The market stall was a huge success selling all of the items that were made.


Well done to all of the staff and students who worked very hard to make this event possible.


We would also like to say a big thank you to Flowers of Enchantment in Boldon Lane for their generous donation of cellophane.