Wednesday 15th January 2020

Three Students from The Beacon Centre took part in a swimming gala at Hebburn Central swimming pool.

The students were competing against many other schools and were extremely well behaved and engaged politely with all students.

There was 4 main age categories 14<Boys, 14<Girls, 16<Boys, 16<Girls

There were 5 main race events breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, diving and front crawl.

Our three students all did incredibly well and this is the medals they achieved.

The categories they were achieved in were:

14<Boys Breaststroke
3rd – Keenan

14<Boys Backstroke
1st – Keenan

14<Boys Butterfly
2nd – Keenan

14<Boys Diving
3rd – Mason

16<Girls Diving
1st – Molly

16<Boys Diving
1st – Keenan

14<Boys Front crawl
1st – Keenan

16<Boys Front crawl
3rd – Keenan 3 rd

Over all, The Beacon Centre came 3 rd place in the <14 Boys category.