Monday 6th January 2020

As a way to welcome the new year and the start of a new term, Mrs Hudson organised Team Building activities to enable the staff to feel comfortable with each other, had fun together and give them the chance to get to know one another better.

The staff were put into mixed teams to play various different games such as Mr & Mrs, Play Your Cards Right, Family Fortunes, Super Market Sweep and Higher or Lower. All of the staff enjoyed the session and found it beneficial. It was a fantastic way to start the year!

Feedback from staff

“The team building activities were a fantastic start to the new term.  It allowed for relationship building with all of the staff and it was so lovely to see everyone laughing and so relaxed. Thanks for sorting this out Kelly, it was very beneficial and hopefully the first of many.”


“I think the team building exercises were a great way to break the ice and get to know everyone!”


“The team building activities were a great way of getting both primary and secondary staff together to start the new term off in a relaxed and positive matter. It also allowed us to get to know the new staff in a relaxed and carefree setting. It was great fun and hope that it is put in place at the start of each term!”


“Using our own Coop for the supermarket sweep was a brilliant idea. I think the students would really enjoy doing something similar. It was great to spend time and work with colleagues across both sites all together.”


“It was lovely to get the chance to talk about some none school related things and just get to know each other. Games were fun and engaging. Nice relaxed atmosphere.”

“I thought the day went well. Good to meet other staff and get to reinforce the team spirit at secondary.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed our team building session, it was lovely to see everyone having a laugh and relaxed. It was a great way to start the term.”


“The activities were great fun. It was nice to just sit and actually get to know each other better.”


“It was a great day, we all had a giggle and bonded together as a team.  Hopefully we can do it more often.”


“Yesterday was a great way to start the term. I thought the team building games were fab! Mr & Mrs game was my favourite!”


“Well humoured games and conversation in the games. Good use of randomised names in a bag to help getting to know new faces.”


“The games were good to build up a positive rapport. It was relaxed and enjoyable.”