Here, at Laygate Community School, we promote the positive aspects of living and working in a rich and diverse society. Discrimination on the basis of colour, culture, origin, gender or disability is unacceptable. We expect that every child and adult within the school community will endeavour to further this objective by personally contributing towards a happy and caring environment and by showing respect for, and appreciation of, each other as individuals. We acknowledge the complexity of British society. We seek to emphasise the common elements and values of our modern society. In this respect we regard ourselves as a fully inclusive school.

We strive to give our children an awareness of an increasingly diverse society and present the world as it is and how we would like it to be. From this basis, children will develop their own attitudes to the society and world they live in.

Laygate Community School promotes high achievement and learning for life working with children to:

·         fulfil their own potential

·         achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum

·         develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity

·         be motivated, enthusiastic learners

·         demonstrate independence and self-discipline

·         be able to work collaboratively and as part of a team

·         have high self-esteem, respecting themselves, others and the environment

·         become responsible citizens of the future