Curriculum Rationale

The Beacon Primary School does not offer a placement that is a long-term alternative to mainstream or special education. It is a short-term provision which seeks to support all those involved in securing a successful transition into the most appropriate educational setting for the individual, whether it be returning back to mainstream or a more specialised provision.

At The Beacon Primary we value education in the broadest sense as it has the power to
change and improve people’s lives. Our curriculum has been carefully planned to
provide our children with the requirements of the National Curriculum, delivered
through pertinent topics, with local links, that provide a broad and balanced
curriculum filled with enrichment and experiences. We use the curriculum as the
progression model and intelligent use of assessment to inform curriculum design.

Alongside a curriculum that is unique to our children, at The Beacon Primary we also teach and value progression in life skills:

* Perseverance
* Motivation
* Sociability
* Attention skills
* Self-regulation
* Anger management
* Self-esteem
* The ability to defer gratification

We believe that progression is best achieved when our children are challenged through subject outcomes and high expectations. Through our broad and balanced
curriculum, we aim to develop our children’s emotional and intellectual intelligence,
whilst broadening their academic and experiential horizons.

The school employs a Level 2 teaching assistant in each class. This ensures
personalised learning and immediate feedback, enabling the teachers to provide
scaffolding, depth and mastery throughout the lessons as required. All staff are
committed to measuring impact of all that we do and consult regularly with both staff,
children and parent/carers.

Our vision is to have a curriculum which meets all statutory requirements of the 2014
National Curriculum but is personalised, and based on first hand experiences.