On the morning of Monday 17th June 2019, the students in secondary were taken on a visit to Newcastle to see the Sage, the opening of the Millennium Bridge and also to take photos of the surrounding scenery.

The students enjoyed watching the Millennium Bridge open for the boat to pass through.  They then walked over the bridge and had fun in the ‘beach setup’.

What happened next caused Mrs Graham and Mrs Warren to be extremely proud of the students.  After walking over the bridge, the students noticed some homeless people sitting at the side of the path.  Molly gave them her last £1 and then Mrs Graham generously purchased food items, which the students handed over to the people.  This was a priceless moment to hear the positive comments from the students of how good they felt for what they had done.

Staff and students then enjoyed lunch on the grass which involved making their own wraps, followed by waffles, cream and strawberries!