Wednesday 5th June 2019 – One Punch UK

Our secondary staff and students had a session with ‘One Punch UK’ to learn about how even one punch can destroy lives.

“We believe that if we start early in schools, educating children about the consequences of one punch, we will make a difference.” (

One Punch UK came into The Beacon Centre with the aim of raising  awareness of the devastation that ONE PUNCH can do and to educate our students about the risks and consequences of a split second decision to engage in violence. The speaker encouraged our students to make safe choices, to recognise the warning signs of and how to deal with a potentially violent situation.

All of the students engaged fully in the session and were very respectful to our visitors. 


Comments from students:

“Sad and it shows that you should not hurt people.” (Joe)

“Very depressing, but really interesting.” (Nathan)

“Sad and interesting.” (Cameron)

“It was sad. I enjoyed listening.” (Jay)

“It was so sad, she must have been so sad to tell her story again about her son.” (Molly R)

“It was sad.  I thought the woman was really brave to tell her story.” (Ben)

“It was really sad.” (Molly F)


Comments from staff:

“Very personal and heartbreaking.  The students all fully engaged and were very respectful to our visitors.” (Mrs Goodrich)

“I’ve been part of both sides; I’ve seen what the devastation it causes to families and also seen the perpetrators who have destroyed their own lives and are now in prison. It was a really interesting and heartbreaking presentation.” (Mr Henderson)

“Very emotional and brave of the speaker.  The students responded well.  Very poignant as the examples were very close to home for these young people.” (Mr Townend)

“I admire the woman for being able to pass on her personal, heartbreaking story. It was very emotional.  You could just see how much the awareness of her story hit home for the students. So brave! Amazing being able to turn her pain into purpose.” (Miss Glenn)

“Amazingly brave of the speaker to share such a tragic, heartbreaking story.  It really put into perspective that life is too short and we should cherish our loved ones every single day.” (Miss Hejazi)


For more information on ‘One Punch UK’, please visit their website: